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Welcome... the website of the Agunot Campaign. Our purpose is to remedy the injustice suffered by Jewish women whose husbands deny them a religious divorce (called a 'get') after their marriages have irretrievably broken down. A woman in this position is called an 'agunah' meaning a 'chained woman' (plural 'agunot').

Agunot are unable to re-marry in an orthodox synagogue. If an agunah contracts a civil marriage, then each child of that marriage is a 'mamzer' - that is, illegitimate according to Jewish law. This status passes down through the generations; thus the son or daughter of a mamzer is also a mamzer. The mamzer suffers severe penalties, such as being restricted to marrying only another mamzer or a convert.

The Agunot Campaign holds that the position of the agunah is contrary to the principles of justice enshrined in Jewish law. Please support our campaign to secure a just solution to the plight of the agunot.

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