Pre-Nuptial Agreement



This Pre-Nuptial Agreement is made this                        day of                               200..

between                                                                             (hereinafter called the “Bride”)

of (address)


and                                                                         (hereinafter called the “Bridegroom”)

of (address)


in consideration of their marriage to be solemnised at

on the                                       day of                                       200..




  1. The bride and bridegroom agree that, in the event of any matrimonial dispute, they will both attend the Court of the Chief Rabbi, the London Beth Din (or such other Beth Din as that Beth Din shall direct), when required to do so and that they will comply with the instructions of that Beth Din, including co-operation in any mediation recommended, in seeking to resolve all problems arising out of or in connection with their Jewish marriage.


  1. The bridegroom further undertakes that, irrespective of civil proceedings being instituted in respect of the marriage, he will fulfil all his financial obligations to his wife as determined by the London Beth Din (or such other Beth Din as that Beth Din shall direct).  This obligation shall not affect the authority of the civil court under the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973 or any amendment or replacement thereof, or the authority of any civil court to whose jurisdiction the bride and/or bridegroom may be subject, and shall be subject to obtaining the approval of the court where required or appropriate.


  1. Neither the bride nor the bridegroom shall apply in any civil proceedings without prior approval in writing of the Beth Din for an order to enforce any instruction of the Beth Din, or for an order in relation to non-compliance with this agreement.


  1. The bride and bridegroom confirm that they have made this agreement freely and inthe full knowledge and understanding of the meaning of its terms.



Signed                                                         Signed

(Bride)                                                        (Bridegroom)


In the presence of                                         In the presence of


Signed                                                          Signed

(Witness)                                                      (Witness)


Address                                                         Address




Occupation                                                     Occupation